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My particular contribution to The Back School, along with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Arthur White and Physical Therapist Bill Mattmiller, was helping to resolve the psychological side of back pain.  I knew a little about the subject, having experienced back surgery when I was 27.  Following the questionably successful surgery, I routinely experienced a good deal of pain, especially toward the end of the day.  I didn’t want or use muscle relaxants or pain killing medications, and eventually discovered what helped me most was simply to lie down and relax.  I didn’t have RT to assist me at the time, but what I did reduced my pain.

Eventually, over several years, I learned how to counteract back pain and started working with back patients sent to me by physicians who thought I knew something about the problem.  I was working at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, CA at the time.  One of the orthopedic physicians asked if I would present my work at a forthcoming meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons hosted by the Mosby Medical Publishing company.  Dr. White was presenting as well, and Mosby later asked if we would like to integrate our work in a Mosby publication.  Long story short, we did and in 1981 The Back School was born.

There are now many such back schools across North America with the same or similar name, but they do not contain RT as a basic educational component.  The Back School was dedicated to a holistic, team approach to patient education, leading ultimately to the prevention and self-management of back pain.

RT was an integral component of The Back School, as it has been in all of my subsequent works.  If interested, you can check out the evolution of Relaxation Therapy on the home page under the tab WHY RT?

Since back pain ranks among our nation’s leading health problems, I suspect many of you have a personal interest in learning more about the subject and I will be happy to help out.  For openers you can go to  If you are a ‘Follower’ of Dr. Ray’s Blog, I will do my best to address your questions and comments via future posts.

Tension Management & Relaxation and The Back School were followed by The Portable Back School, 12-Steps to A Pain-Free Back, Freedom From Stress and Back Pain, In the Zone and Teeing Off With the Masters, all containing RT as a core concept and self-help procedure.  As you will see, there is reliable continuity in these works, demonstrating my continuing emphasis on the importance of Relaxation Therapy to those wanting to take better care of themselves.

Remember, you ARE what you think.  You BECOME what you do.

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