Tuesday, February 11, 2014


For those following this Blog and have read THE BACK SCHOOL post, you will find the following is part of an evolving story.  The Back School was a good start, but new concepts were forming in my mind and new communication technologies were rapidly entering the training scene.
I addressed these issues in my new Freedom From Back Pain video based training program, focused on greater training impact in the educational process.  This led to Freedom From Stress and Back Pain and the introduction of many new training procedures, including various martial arts performance skills.  The newly completed program was implemented within numerous employer environments across North America.  You can check this out at www.FFbackpain.com
Freedom From Back Pain, and then Freedom From Stress and Back Pain, contains four training modules referred to as RELAXED MOVES, POWER MOVES, ELASTIC MOVES and FOCUSED MOVES.  An introduction to these modules can be reviewed on the above site.  Relaxation Therapy and the Position of Comfort are presented in the Relaxed Moves module.
As communication technology expanded, I contracted with PRIMEDIA in Dallas, TX and created Watch Your Back for the nationwide audience of policemen and firemen.  This broadcast represents one of the first implementations of back injury prevention training within the workplace learning environment.
Of course, this isn’t the end of the story.  In 1995 I published In The Zone: Making Winning Moments Your Way of Life, representing another training advance into the world of Sport Psychology.  The 4-Core Competencies of Elite Performers In the Zone was the next evolutionary step as relaxation, balance, flexibility and focus were further sharpened into the training procedures they are today.  We have come a long way from sound on slide presentations, to video based programs, DVDs and MP3 files downloaded from the internet.
Our next step, in January of 2009, was to implement First Aid for Back Pain with PureSafety online training out of Nashville, TN.  Once again, Relaxation Therapy in the Position of Comfort was featured as an important step for those employers and employees wanting to self-manage relief from their back pain. 
I am currently considering introducing IN THE ZONE SELF-MASTERY TRAINING procedures within web training environments, again pursuing ever more advanced training as I continue to include the ever advancing communication technologies.  The program includes new information, particularly information resulting from research in the new science of the brain.
New measurement technologies and exciting new research findings are shedding light on the secrets of the brain and how it functions.  It is exciting to see how Relaxation Therapy and Self-Mastery training continues to play a central role.  Scientists are learning more about the importance of deep relaxation and deep rhythmic breathing, and how they positively affect brain development, the functioning of our nervous system, and so much more.
Currently, I work with patients within Individual and Group Therapy environments and continue to offer RT as a basic ingredient of the therapy I do.  I continually learn from my patients as I expect to learn from followers of this Blog.  You are encouraged to express your comments and questions.  New ideas often spring from unexpected sources and I will be pleased if one of these ideas comes from you.
Remember, you ARE what you think.  You BECOME what you do.
Dr. Ray

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