Friday, February 14, 2014


In 1995 I decided to take basic back health care and related wellness training into the world of elite performances.  I spent a year researching the issues of relaxation, balance, flexibility and focus, to learn their range of application to world class performers in sports and the performing arts.  I was looking for any such performer who could excel when one of the 4-Core Competences was lacking.  I found none.  All Elite Performers are relaxed, balanced, flexible, and focused.

I worked with many such performers and found even their performances could be enhanced when the 4-Core Competencies were carefully addressed, especially those of Relaxed Moves and Focused Moves.  It was exciting to learn how the basic principles of back injury prevention and rehabilitation applied so well within this environment.  The 4-Core Competencies were indeed, required performance skills and this provided the basis for my evolving emphasis on SELF-MASTERY SKILLS TRAINING.

What is equally interesting to see how the 4-Core Competences apply to activities of daily living in the general  population.  In our current culture, contrasted with our culture only a few decades ago, we understand the importance of deep relaxation, rhythmic breathing, mindfulness, meditation and, yoga.  We now appreciate how our highly stressed lives are improved when we acquire the skills taught within these environments.  In The Zone: Self-Mastery Skills Training does just that, and is exciting to see people take charge of their health, their well-being, and their lives.

When these skills are applied in the lives of individuals from various walks of life, I have seen dramatic enhancements in quality of sleep, reductions in depression and anxiety, significant reductions in physical pain and yes, even more calm dispositions as I had first mentioned in Tension Management & Relaxation: An Approach to A Balanced Way of Living.

A big part of this is how people are learning to reduce reliance on pharmaceutical drugs with self-mastery skills.  Just yesterday, a patient I am working with proudly reported he is no longer on any such drugs, is sleeping great each and every night, is feeling better and no longer abusing any form of drug, over the counter, prescription or recreational.

If you are seeking similar results in your personal life, why not read through all of the posts on this Blog, starting with the first one in January of 2014.  Read each one as a continuing step in your evolving understanding  of how Relaxation Therapy can work for you.  I foresee abundant self-reliance forthcoming for those who do.

Remember, you ARE what you think:  You BECOME what you do.

Dr. Ray

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