Sunday, February 2, 2014


FOCUSED ACTION is a key concept of Relaxation Therapy (RT) as a basic methodology for  your self-management of personal health and happiness:

Consider the following:
Finding your focus is essential
Overcoming indecision occurs as you identify your particular course of action
Creating a winning strategy becomes your game plan
Using the power of mindfully directed attention carries you to the end zone
Succeeding through focused action is the pay off
Finding and implementing your focus is FOCUSED ACTION.
Deep relaxation is essential to Focused Action, as you systematically clear your mind and strengthen your coping skills, build your immune system and establish a balanced and comfortable personal disposition.  Building RELAXATION SKILLS provides a powerful foundation for successful focused action as outlined above.
Distracted people, lacking clear goals and a way to achieve them, comprise the large majority of people seeking psychotherapy.  When you become capable of truly effective Focused Action you will discover needs for professional assistance diminish and often disappear.
Unnecessary dependence on others, dismisses our profound privilege as intelligent, self-reliant, independent people to direct our lives as we so choose.
There are many environmental influences directing us to follow the lead of others.  This can change through self-directed FOCUSED ACTION.  It does take work and persistence, but it can be done.
You ARE what you think.  You BECOME what you do.
Dr. Ray

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