Saturday, March 1, 2014


ACHIEVING GOALS is fundamental to Social Learning Theory (SLT).  How we achieve goals varies from person to person.  INTERNALS feel success results from acquired skills and what they do for themselves to make things happen.  Internals anticipate good health, for example, by not smoking, proper exercise, good nutrition and similar self-management activities.  EXTERNALS feel good luck and the actions of powerful others make things happen.  Externals are more likely to purchase a lotto ticket, hoping for the big bucks, regardless of the improbable outcome.  From their perspective, achieving good health by quitting smoking is not so important.  Externals expect they will get cancer or not, depending on the fall of the dice.

MOTIVATION FOR GROWTH AND CHANGE is different for Internals and Externals.  Internals appreciate competitive situations where performance skills dominate, letting the best man/woman win.  Externals are more comfortable in chance based environments.  They will go to the Casino and play the slots.  You will find Internals at the Poker table, if they have the card playing skills required for success.

Where do you stand along this dimension of Internal and External Locus of Control?  Have you given much thought to the importance of acquired skills to your evolving success? If so, you have probably looked into self-development activities such as Yoga, Martial Arts, Mindfulness Training, Meditation and related activities.

How about Relaxation Therapy when seeking self-management of personal health and emotional self-regulation?  Relaxation Therapy is all about development of RELAXATION SKILLS and you will find competitive athletes, successful executives, highly productive corporate cultures, all headed in this direction.

The highly stressed, emotional dysfunctional individual will not last long in today’s extremely competitive environment.  Those seeking personal comfort from recreational and prescription drugs and similar external mechanisms of control, will be observed bringing up the rear.

You can’t fake self-confidence and self-esteem.  Either you have the skills of a successful competitor or you do not.  The good news is such skills can be developed and you can always move from a disposition of externality, toward internality.

Developing Relaxation Skills is the first step in my program for Elite Performers as outlined in my book, In The Zone: Making Winning Moments Your Way of Life.  This subject will be covered in later posts on this Blog.  For now, you might give some thought to how much control you would like over your evolving life and how an evolving attitude of internality can help you achieve your particular goals.

Remember, you ARE what you think.  You BECOME what you do.

Dr. Ray

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