Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Having a solid sense of self-direction, knowing where you are, where you are going, and how to get there, is fundamental to your success.  When you’re In The Zone, you are operating at your peak.  Like the great performers in every field, you can get there if you know what it takes.

When I wrote In The Zone: Making Winning Moments Your Way of Life, I wanted to evolve my previous books into the world of SPORT PSYCHOLOGY.  But it wasn’t just about sports.  Consider the following, from the first paragraph:
What Zone?

“If you are at all involved in sports, you may know what I mean right away.  The zone is not a literal place. It’s not the end zone on a football field.  It’s inside you, a feeling, a state of mind and body, a level of performance when everything clicks.  You are effortlessly at your best.”
Later in the book I wrote:

No matter how vague their idea of being in the zone is, most of the people I meet and talk with understand two things about it.  First, it occurs when we are totally involved, mentally and physically, in some activity we do well and enjoy.  And second, it doesn’t happen to most of us very often, and even when it does, it’s unpredictable.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that common knowledge was accurate on the first point and inaccurate on the second.  The feeling of being in the zone occurs indeed when we are fully involved in what we are doing.  But it need not be something that occurs by chance.  In fact, there’s a great deal we can do to make it happen.

After years of refining a comprehensive approach to correct body movement, I have concluded there are four crucial elements underlying high level performances In The Zone: relaxation, balance, flexibility and focus.”

Relaxation Therapy and the development of Relaxation Skills is what www.relaxationtherapy.pro aims to introduce you to.  I am hoping you will find self-development through performance skills attainment useful to your being the best you can be.

Remember, you ARE what you think.  You BECOME what you do.

Dr. Ray

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